About us - The Warehousing Matchmaker

Your guide to finding the perfect warehouse for your requirements.

We are on a mission to become the number 1 place for tenants (businesses, big and small) to find warehousing space, whether that is for only one-hundred pallets, for a new facility to lease or an entire business acquisition.

So, how does uTenant work?

We connect tenants in need of space with landlords & Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s) who have space using our specialised platform.

At uTenant, our goals are:

  1. To standardise how businesses receive 3PL quotes and find a suitable warehousing partner for their product; and
  2. Removing the middleman from finding an industrial property by introducing tenants directly to landlords when they need a new facility.

As the Warehousing Matchmaker, we are:

  1. Helping businesses find a suitable 3PL or warehousing space at the best possible price at no cost;
  2. Helping 3PL’s and businesses with excess space fill their warehouses; and
  3. Reducing fees for landlords and helping them find a tenant for their facilities faster and more efficiently.

What are the benefits of joining uTenant today?

- Transparency

- Confidentiality

-Time and cost-effectiveness

- Free for both tenants and 3PL’s

At uTenant, we have four main services:

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1. uTenant Warehousing & Logistics

The Australian supply chain, warehousing and logistics industry is an ever-changing, ever-complex landscape to navigate.

Amid freight forwarders, wharf cartage providers, 3PL’s, transport/distribution providers, etc., it can be difficult to ascertain who is the best provider to store your product.

The uTenant platform simplifies the connection process between businesses who require pallet storage direct and 3PL’s or other businesses that possess warehousing space. uTenant helps businesses navigate the complexities of finding a suitable 3PL or warehouse for their specific short- and/or long-term warehousing requirements.

One of the many challenges in the industry is that every 3PL in the market is unique, and each has a different charging mechanism or rate card. When you provide your requirements to uTenant through our system, we go to market confidentially on your behalf and speak to all available providers that have space.

Each provider that would like to quote on the work is provided with a uTenant standard rate card so you can compare available options.

Confidentiality is key at uTenant. As you may know, another challenge is once a business goes to market for 3PL or pallet storage, unsolicited calls about your requirements soon begin.

Getting started:
  1. List your warehousing requirements through our system.
  2. uTenant take your requirements to market and keep your name confidential.
  3. All available 3PL’s with space quote on your work in a uTenant standard rate card.
  4. uTenant collects all rate cards from the respective 3PL’s and provides to the client.
  5. The client chooses which 3PL they would like to speak with, and a direct introduction is made.

Most appealingly, uTenant does not add any additional margin or brokerage on this service offering. One of our major goals is to standardise how businesses receive 3PL quotes to ensure everyone is on a level playing field.

2. uTenant Property

For the Tenant

Why spend hours trawling through irrelavent property listings when you can make use of uTenant, the Warehousing Matchmaker?

Simply register on our website and complete your profile with your property requirements. uTenant will then curate a list of available, upcoming, and eligible properties and provide you with access to contact details so you can reach out to the landlord directly.

uTenant is 100% free for tenants to use, and once a transaction is complete, we share our fee with you. On the off chance we cannot find what you are looking for immediately, we will keep searching on your behalf. uTenant is here to guide you through the process.

For the Landlord

At uTenant, it costs nothing to list your property. All you need to do is register on our website and input your property details, and then our work begins.

We match your listing with tenant requirements and provide your contact details to compatiable tenants who have shown an interest in your property. Once a new transaction is complete, we charge a fee which is typically lower than traditional real estate agencies and is shared with your new tenant.

Landlords and developers can list current vacancies, upcoming vacancies, and pre-lease opportunities. Since all listings are hidden in our private database, you have the freedom to also list possible vacancies if a tenant of yours is eager to move out early but does not want to publicise said information

uTenant is entirely confidential for landlords and tenants alike until a match is made and both parties are notified.

3. uTenant Solutions & Consulting

A value added service for our clients/tenants of industrial property to assist with their goals and strategic growth plans - MORE TO FOLLOW

4. uTenant Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A)

A dedicated M & A service for logistics, transport & warehousing businesses in the Australian Supply Chain industry - MORE TO FOLLOW

A message from our founder

We strive to offer tenants, 3PL’s and landlords an alternative to the way business has always been done. With your help, we will create a community of tenants who are trying to source space, and landlords and 3PL’s who are trying to source tenants.

Matt Sampson

“We have built this platform for the landlords, 3PL's and tenants of industrial property within Australia because we believe there is an easier way to do things and together with the right input from the people at the heart of the industry we can make it happen.”

Matt Sampson Founder uTenant

*rebates not applicable for NSW transactions