Property Matching

At our core, uTenant is Australia’s leading property and warehouse storage matching online platform that directly connects those looking for warehouse space with those who have it. This creates a valuable warehousing ecosystem that benefits all involved.

At uTenant, we make sourcing the right warehouse property easy. Whether you are a tenant looking for a warehouse property to rent/lease or sublease, or you are a landlord looking for a tenant to move into your warehouse property, we can help.

Starting with our online property matching platform, we streamline finding, inspecting and leasing warehouse space for tenants, whilst amplifying property visibility for landlords, helping them to source tenants and lease space cheaper and faster.

The property request submitted through our platform ensures that the requirements entered are used to connect suitably matched tenants and landlords for industrial property leasing purposes.

uTenant team member standing with a client in a newly racked warehouse.

Why work with uTenant?

We are not property agents, we leave that part to our property partner, Jones Lang LaSelle (JLL). We are warehousing experts who offer something that no other industrial property agencies do, and that's genuine value-add. We are on the ground with you, working hard to find the best solution for you, not our bottom line.

The power of our online platform, combined with our team's knowledge and expertise, simplifies the entire warehouse sourcing process. We use technology and data to drive results. Digitally connecting you with physical warehouse solutions.

uTenant's property matching service is free for tenants. And because it is completely confidential, there is no risk of your name and warehousing requirements being disclosed to the market.

Landlords using the uTenant platform to list their property are able to be directly connected with tenants searching for warehouse property. Landlords save time and save money on marketing costs through uTenant's streamlined listing process.

Thanks to uTenant, we've been able to navigate the complexities of the industrial property market with confidence, securing optimal spaces for our operations and driving growth.

Here's how it works...

Step One

Enter your warehouse requirements into our online property matching platform for review by the uTenant team.

Step Two

We utilise our extensive database of industrial warehouse properties and development sites to provide you with a tailor-made list of options based on your specific requirements.

Step Three

uTenant will provide you with assistance and support in comparing and shortlisting the various options, and securing the best match.

Step Four

uTenant will introduce you to the landlord/s directly for inspections of the warehouse spaces. From here, you will be able to negotiate with your prospective landlord, before signing your new lease agreement.

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Property Matching – Supported by JLL’s global network of industrial property and project management services

By collaborating with Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), we are able to make industrial property matching readily available to tenants and landlords. We ensure our clients receive maximum visibility, leading market insights, and the best possible opportunities for all industrial property requirements.

The uTenant and JLL partnership is the best of two worlds. Our combined teams of passionate people work closely and go above and beyond for our valued clients. Together, we are two market leaders generating value and unique value proposition that offers a clear delineation between who represents the tenant and landlord .

The real estate market knowledge, connections, and global resources of JLL together with uTenant’s innovative, creative, and effective warehouse sourcing business model, is what makes our Property Matching platform so unique..

Read the media release for more information on the uTenant x JLL partnership.


FAQs about uTenant's Property Matching service 

Does uTenant negotiate on my behalf?

The team at uTenant is always available to offer support both from a supply chain, property and technical perspective. When it comes to leasing negotiations, our unique model is designed to introduce tenant/s to landlord/s for direct negotiation. In some cases we are unable to introduce direct to landlords. In these cases our partners at JLL are often able to step in and assist in negotiations.

How do I receive the property list?

If you would like to receive a list of properties that meet your unique needs, please create a profile

within the uTenant system. Click on ‘I want a warehouse’ and fill in the required fields. One of our team members will then be in touch to discuss your requirement.

Property Matching - Get started with uTenant

Are you curious about what warehouse storage systems are available to you, or alternatively do you have a warehouse for rent? Get in touch with us.

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