Supply Chain Solutions

A data-driven approach to your supply chain

uTenant offers premium supply chain and warehouse solutions. We specialise in designing customer-centric supply chain operations, ensuring a seamless flow of goods from start to finish.

Our solutions team will help you design an effective supply chain and warehousing strategy that is efficient, progressive and cost-effective.

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Fact-based decision making & tailor-made solutions…

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  • Supply chain strategy
  • Process mapping
  • DC design
  • Network design
  • Logistics sourcing
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  • Re-design of facilities
  • Warehouse optimisation
  • Process modelling
  • Advance slotting and product placement
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  • Resource planning
  • Resource modelling
  • KPI management

Here's How it Works...

1 - Define

We understand what is important for your unique product or service requirements

2 - Discover

We examine your current supply chain management system

3 - Design

Design a long-standing strategy that withstands disruption

4 - Deliver

Ongoing support for all your warehousing needs when required

Using the latest and best technology to give you the results you’re looking for…

uTenant is proud to offer solutions for:

  • Supply chains
  • Logistics
  • eCommerce

We will only design a supply chain operation for you once we have a deep understanding of your business and its operational needs.

To make sure this happens, we are proud to partner with Logivations. They offer a unique technology that involves a combination of:

  • Algorithms
  • AI & IT methods
  • Interdisciplinary logistics
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With partners like Google, SAP and NVIDIA, we are certain that Logivations will help us offer you top tier solutions for your supply chain.

Thanks to this partnership, uTenant can now provide services including solutions to:

  • Increase your picking efficiency
  • Decrease replenishment efforts
  • Reduce transport damages
  • Reduce picking errors
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W2MO (By Logivations) – Solutions for Supply Chain, Logistics & eCommerce

Design, Planning, 3D Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Analysis, Optimisation, Tracking & Navigation

  • Wide range of solutions for innovative and efficient logistics and warehousing operations
  • Consistent digitalisation of logistics
  • Design by efficiency – For all logistics and warehousing planning phases
  • Strategic partnerships with SAP, Google and Nvidia
  • Long-term experience in Algorithms and Machine Learning

W2MO: Digital Twin powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Digital Twin for Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Engineering
  • Centre of Gravity Analysis
  • Supply Network Planning
  • Optimise Material Flow
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Digital Twin for Warehouse Logistics & Computational Optimisation

  • Design, Planning, Simulation and Optimisation
  • Innovative Algorithms Opportunity
  • Assessment Process Optimisation
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AI for Deep Vision & Robotics

  • Goods Recognition, Counting and Measurement
  • Realtime Location System (RTLS)
  • Navigation, Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Fleet Management
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Why Choose Us?

At uTenant, we have:

  • Global experience
  • The ability to operate in a fully transparent manner
  • The best-in-class technology partnerships

We are also a completely independent advisor, ensuring that we are never biased

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