Warehouse Storage & 3PL

Streamlined and Simple…

…That’s how we’d describe our pallet-matching platform.

uTenant is Australia’s leading property and warehouse storage matching platform that directly connects those looking for warehouse space with those who have it.

Over the last 3 years, uTenant has matched over 500,000 pallets for our customers across Australia and New Zealand.

The on-demand platform is a simpler way to source warehouse space and successfully matches everything from overflow storage to an entirely new warehouse facility.

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Not just technology, real people with real expertise.

We love the tech. Trust us when we tell you we really.love.the.tech.

But we also acknowledge that in this industry the technology only gets you so far, which is why we have clever warehousing experts making sure that every match made is right for you and for your business.So yes, our online platform does a lot of the heavy lifting but the uTenant team are also on-hand anytime to help you find the perfect match.

Want to chat to a human? Call us now.

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Inspired by some of the world’s greatest disruptors…

Simple and fast connections are the future. So how is it that we can access services like taxis, accommodation and food online, but not warehouse space and logistics services?

So we built the solution…

At uTenant, we do all the hard work for you. Our platform allows you to submit your requirements, compare quotes from compatible 3PLs, and be put into direct contact with your chosen solutions(s).

It’s free to use. We work with the 3PL’s to streamline their operations and find them new warehouses when necessary. That’s how we make our revenue.

"The solutions that uTenant put forward to us was exactly what we required. I would highly recommend any organisation make contact with them, they made our process very straight forward and easy."

Here's How it Works...

How it works

Common FAQ's

Can I use the platform to search for longer-term storage?

Yes, you can. uTenant's platform prompts you to select the length of tenure for each requirement that you enter, meaning you can find both a short-term solution or a long-term 3PL partner.

What if I would like to lease out my own warehouse?

Not a problem – this link will take you to our property matching form that will let us connect you with customers looking for available warehouses.

How do I know the 3PLs are high quality?

uTenant follows a strict process when making matches to ensure all 3PL's introduced to product owners cater for the needs outlined. Our job goes beyond simply making 'the match.' We regularly seek feedback on performance, ensuring a smooth integration with your new partner.

Is this platform confidential?

Yes! uTenant is proud to offer services through our online platform that are totally confidential. Unless advised otherwise, we will keep the details of your business confidential right up to the point of introduction.

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