Looking to rent factory space?

Are you searching for factory space rental properties? No worries. Whether it’s long or short lease options you’re after, uTenant can help you simplify the process of finding exactly what you need for your specific business needs.

We understand your time is valuable. You don’t have to contact multiple real-estate agents and deal with their lengthy response times. We have built an algorithm which allows us to match up the most suitable landlords with prospective tenants, letting you get back to what’s important to you: your business.

How uTenant Works

We’ve streamlined the process of linking available factory spaces on offer from our registered landlords with our prospective tenant requirements, creating an environment where you are in total control.

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  • 100% transparent: uTenant prioritises transparency by connecting tenants with landlords directly. You won’t find any hooks or hidden fees around here. Once all parties are put in contact with one another, you are free to negotiate a deal directly, with or without our further assistance.
  • Save money: uTenant is 100% free for tenants. Landlords can list properties for free. Upon agreement, we charge a few which is typically lower than traditional real-estate agencies.
  • Save time: Fill in your details, click to connect and you’re ready to negotiate. Directly! Our factory space rental model provides you with a simple way of generating additional cash flow on a long-term, short-term, or a casual basis.
  • Confidential: Sometimes you don’t want the world to know that you’re planning a move. We get it. Which is why your search data will remain private. Once a match is made it will only be shared with the parties directly involved.
  • No middlemen: Landlords and prospective tenants are connected directly based on our algorithms. That means no real-estate agents hassling you with sales tactics and exorbitant fees. 
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Find your ideal property match

Factory Landlords

If you wish to lease your factory fast, simply register to uTenant and list your properties for free. Filling out as many details as possible will help us match your factory space with your ideal tenant. It’s as easy as that!

Prospective Tenants

For those looking to find a factory space to rent, you can start by browsing through the uTenant resources section for some helpful hints and tips to make the most informed decision before beginning your new factory hunt. You might also find our resources such as the Relocation Checklist very useful to ensure things don’t get missed. Once you know what you’re after, you can start your 100% free search.