3PL Audit Checklist

Your 3PL Health Check. A preview image of the 3PL Health Check document.

Warehouse operations are a huge responsibility to undertake. While warehouses provide a great base for product handling, storing, and packaging, there are many other things that need to be done in order for customer satisfaction, order fulfilment and safety compliance. Completing a warehouse audit is one of them, and completely necessary for continuous improvement of your 3PL in the long run. In order to complete a warehouse audit, we recommend referring to a warehouse audit checklist to ensure you have all bases covered.

Why is a warehouse audit so important?

While conducting a warehouse audit is tedious and mundane, it is super important to adhere to. In order to have a successful supply chain, the safety of your warehouse is crucial to prevent future hazardous incidents. Warehouse audits are also known to improve efficiency and ensure the health and safety of everyone onsite. We know it can seem overwhelming when you don't know where to start, so we've created a 3PL Health Checklist for you - a warehouse audit checklist that you can follow.

What is the 3PL Health Checklist?

Our 3PL Health Checklist allows you to identify any issues before they arise and ensure your 3PL is benefiting your business. You can use this checklist to ensure you covers all the bases and tick off every box required.

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Published: 6 April 2021