uTenant’s Pallet-Matching service – Here’s how it works

To put it simply, uTenant is Australia’s leading property and warehouse storage matching platform that directly connects those looking for warehouse space with those who have it.

In the last 6 months alone, we have matched over 150,000 pallets and generated over $10million in revenue for logistics providers across Australia and New Zealand.

The warehouse sourcing platform is a simpler way to source warehouse space, and successfully matches everything from overflow storage to an entirely new warehouse facility.

Sooooo, Kind of like Tinder, Kind of like Airbnb?

Kind of, but also totally unique.

uTenant. Warehouse sourcing & solutions made simple.

Here’s how the warehouse sourcing platform works:

If you’re a product owner, we have a secure and highly confidential online portal that requests your unique storage requirements. Fill in the form and you’ll be sent a selection of suitable storage options. Depending on your requirement, this could be anything from short-term overflow to long-term warehouse space - Or a new warehouse.

If you’re a 3PL provider, create an account with uTenant that lists your business profile and available warehouse space – this includes your unique requests and customer profile requirements. Once done, we’ll fill your space for you. We’ll send you suitable requirements for you to quote on, then a match is made!

It really is that simple.

Out of space? Need more in a hurry? We've got it! Click here to leave your request.

Still a bit unsure?

Here are a few recent, real-life scenarios of how uTenant’s pallet-matching service has helped the industry…

1. A last-minute request…

First Point of Contact
It was a Friday, and a supplier to a large retail company got in touch needing help with 2000 pallets for short term storage, we directed them to our website and the supplier filled out their requirements here.

Their Requirements
The uTenant portal gathered all the important information needed for a match to be made, including number of pallets; location; weight/dimensions; and value-add services required (in this case, container unloading).
In this instance, our customer needed help with 2000 pallets in Seven Hills for 3-6 months.

How We Helped
We reviewed the requirement and was able to identify five suitable providers in the desired location.

By the following Tuesday uTenant was able to present two options to our customer.
Seven days later the first cargo moved into the new warehouse.

2. An overseas requirement matched on the same day

First Point of Contact
On a Thursday, a medium-sized New Zealand business reached out to us via www.utenant.co.nz. They needed help sourcing an Australian 3PL who was able to support their growing Australian e-commerce customer base.

Their Requirements
The uTenant platform asked all relevant information including number of pallets; location; weight/dimensions; and value-add services required (in this case, e-commerce and last mile)

Our customer needed help with 50 pallets of accessories to be handled at a 3PL within 30km of Melbourne CBD, the 3PL required an e-commerce capability and ideally offered last mile freight forwarding services.

Warehouse sourcing and solutions made simple. That's uTenant. Click this banner to find out more.

How We Helped
We reviewed the requirements and introduced the client to two suitable providers on the same day.

Four days later our customer informed us that they have agreed on commercial terms and will be using one of the suggested parties.

3. From Asia to the EU

First Point of Contact
On Tuesday, a medium sized retailer used our contact form to ask for assistance with their European distribution.

Their Requirements
Within two hours, uTenant got in touch to discuss their exact business needs.
Our customer needed help with initially 200 pallets of stock to be moved from China to Europe, held in stock and sent out to distribution. They didn’t know where to start.

How We Helped
We reviewed the required and introduced our customer to three suitable providers within two days, as well as offering an optimised location recommendation.

Our customer decided to use one of the providers we put forward.
The warehouse location proposed is in Poland and the stock will be railed from China directly to Poland. The warehouse is already handling e-commerce fulfilment for Amazon suppliers within Europe. Poland was the best suitable location from both a cost and a geographical perspective in reference to the customer clientele.

Our services don’t stop here, by the way...

Industrial Property Matching

Our platform isn’t just for warehouse space and overflow storage, it also works for warehouse leases. The uTenant platform and people procure meaningful and available property lists to you based on your specific business requirements.

In these instances, uTenant charges a Finder's Fee from the successful landlord once a transaction has been completed.

uTenant have a Standard Scale of Fees nationally, which means we're not incentivised to put forward one property over another, meaning we're completely bias free and ensure that 'u the tenant' is able to see all possible property options and make an informed decision.

We live our values everyday, and you will feel this throughout every interaction you have with us:

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Passion
  • Confidentiality
  • Simplicity

Supply Chain Solutions

uTenant offers unique Supply Chain Solutions for companies looking to optimise their warehouse space and operations. If you're consistently needing to find or fill additional warehouse storage, perhaps it's time to start asking questions.

The way we see it, by becoming the pallet experts, we understand where businesses are going wrong.
So, the questions we ask are ‘why do you need more space in the first place?’, ‘how can we optimise your current warehouse space?’ and ‘how can we save you money in the long-term’?

uTenant has the tools, expertise and market knowledge to help you to reduce your warehousing and distribution costs.

Hopefully this has provided you with a little more context around our pallet-matching service.
If you still have some questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Published: 21 March 2022