Should I lease or buy Industrial Property

As your industrial businesses grows, scalability undoubtedly becomes a looming issue. Commonly, a business without the proper industrial infrastructure in place to support its growth will see productivity and revenue stagnate. There are a number of factors to consider when future proofing your industrial business property and warehouse space is often a key factor.

An Industrial Warehouse lease could be the answer

uTenant founder, Matt Sampson, has worked in the industrial property sector for over 12 years. He recognised that despite some advantages when buying an industrial warehouse for your business, leasing industrial properties could offer business owners a chance to grow faster and at a significantly decreased short term cost.

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An Industrial Warehouse lease leaves money in your pocket

Often, a salient factor in the failure of an industrial business is the depletion of capital. Buying an industrial warehouse for your business may provide you with equity for leveraging further loans but more often than not, small businesses looking for industrial warehousing will not be in a financial position to buy property, let alone fund multiple loans. Choosing to act as a tenant and lease an industrial warehouse will mean more capital will be available to allocate to other areas of your business such as stock and staff.

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Leasing Industrial Property Provides Tenants with Flexibility

Another important consideration when deciding whether to buy or lease industrial property is your business growth comparative to the size of the facility. The beauty of an industrial warehouse lease is the flexibility it affords you as a business. Whether you grow faster or slower than expected, entering into an industrial warehouse lease will mean you always maintain the flexibility of moving into a property more suited to your current business needs. Running an industrial business is difficult enough without having to assume the long term risk of buying industrial property.

Disrupting the norm: how uTenant is changing Industrial Property

uTenant has become the easiest, cheapest and smartest way to source and lease industrial property. When developing uTenant, Matt Sampson, aimed to alleviate the difficulties both tenants and landlords faced when leasing industrial property. The answer came in the form of uTenant, an industry disrupting platform referred to as the Uber of Warehousing and a Tinder-style Property service. A service which saves both landlords and tenants time.

Most successful business owners see time to scroll through property listings looking for industrial properties that will maybe fit their description as a luxury they simply can’t afford. uTenant provides tenants looking to lease industrial property a free, personally curated list of properties that match their requirements. Prospective tenants simply need to register at and input their industrial property requirements. If uTenant isn’t able to find a property that fits your requirements, they’ll continue searching until a solution is found. uTenant prides itself on transparency and will share their fee, once a tenant is paired with a landlord (fee sharing not applicable for NSW).