3PL Warehousing Melbourne

The industry’s leading on-demand overflow storage and 3PL matching platform

The industry’s leading third party logistics matching platform.

Source your next warehouse or 3PL warehouse solution using uTenant’s confidential online platform. Whether you’re looking for overflow warehousing space or a longer-term partnership with a third party logistics company, uTenant can help.

In Australia alone, there are hundreds of 3PL warehouses in the market with different service offerings.

These offerings include:

  • Size
  • People
  • Technology
  • Location
  • Culture

The uTenant platform assesses your unique business needs and matches you with the most suitable 3PL warehouse based on your criteria.​

Why choose uTenant?

At uTenant, we do all the hard work for you. Our platform allows you to submit your requirements, compare quotes from compatible 3PLs, and be put into direct contact with these companies.

Our platform is also the only service that gives you a bias-free overview of the market.

Here's How it Works...

Step One:

Enter your 3PL storage requirements

Step Two:

Your request is sent anonymously to suitable 3PL logistics partners with readily available warehouse space

Step Three:

Based on your requirements, multiple 3PL's quote on your work

Step Four:

You receive all quotes

Step Five:

A direct introduction is made to your chosen solution(s)

Find or List a 3PL Warehouse in Melbourne

Find warehouse storage or a suitable third party logistics partner to help manage your inventory levels.

Alternatively, if you have 3PL storage available, you can list yourself as having warehouse space using our platform.

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