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Pulse Survey 2021 – A Snapshot of the Logistics Industry

2020 will go down in history as one of the most tumultuous and unpredictable years on record for the logistics and warehousing industry. Wild fluctuations in supply and demand, impacts to global supply chains, resourcing issues and more meant businesses had to quickly evolve how they operated in order to survive.


3PL vs 4PL Logistics

In the world of logistics, the terms 3PL and 4PL can cause a lot of confusion and debate. Not only are they both relatively new concepts, lots of people – and even many experts – use the terms interchangeably. Both 3PL and 4PL involve outsourcing your logistics requirements to a professional. But while there are plenty of similarities between the two, there are some major differences that can have serious implications on your business...


Your Guide to the Top Warehouse Management Systems

As with nearly every aspect of a modern business, industrial warehouses are increasingly reliant on up-to-the-minute data to drive their decisions and processes. Legacy systems no longer cut it in the fast-paced world of warehousing, where customers expect an omnichannel experience and tight profit margins demand operational efficiency. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives unprecedented visibility, insight, and control over all stages of the warehousing journey – but which is the right one for you?


Creating the ultimate warehouse workforce

We can confidently say the pandemic has had a huge affect on the Australian workforce, with employment falling 6.7% between March and May 2020 (National Skills Commission). And even though we are now starting to see improvements, the nature of a post COVID-19 workforce is vastly different to what we knew before, and attracting the best talent is becoming a challenge...


How to avoid a 3PL mismatch

As more businesses turn to Third Party Logistics (3PL) to help meet the growing expectations of their customers, the market has become increasingly cluttered and competitive. There are now hundreds of 3PL providers in Australia, each with different pricing models, distribution networks, and value adds. But with so much riding on your logistics and distribution network, how can you be sure your selecting a suitable 3PL partner and not a weak link in the chain?