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why uTenant?

When I met Matt Sampson at a networking event and heard about uTenant and the comapanies vision, I knew what I had to do - Kyle Rogers An article from Kyle Rogers explaining why he decided to join the uTenant tribe


How Blockchain Will Be A Game Changer For the Supply Chain Industry

The supply chain in industrial real estate can be quite complicated with multiple steps, geographic locations, people and transactions involved in the process. Since manufacturing has become increasingly globalised, the supply chain is more complex that it’s ever been. Considering this complexity across global markets, there has been an increased interest in Blockchain, and how it may have the potential to transform the supply chain and logistics industry.


​Slash Your Industrial Lighting Costs with Matrixx from Vivid Industrial

Vivid Industrial’s IoT MATRIXX® lighting platform is the latest most innovative developments in lighting. MATRIXX® creates a connected ceiling through highly energy efficient lights, smart sensors and cloud-based intelligence to manage and adapt to many different circumstances. Locally developed and manufactured in Australia, the platform can be tailored to create a state-of-the-art lighting system for all types of industrial spaces with optimal energy efficiency.