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Supply chain players need a more flexible approach to using warehouses & 3PL's

Retailers suffering supply chain problems caused by coronavirus should overhaul their warehousing strategy and introduce a more “resilient approach”. This would mean abandoning the traditional just-in-time philosophy that prioritises lean inventory but often comes with high fixed costs during lower demand, and rapidly escalating costs during demand peaks.


Australia braces for container storage crisis as more imports arrive - Warehousing & Logistics

Australia’s coronavirus lockdown and collapse in consumer demand could trigger a container storage crisis. Thankfully, uTenant can help. As reported by The Loadstar, boxes are piling up at ports and container freight stations around the world, most notably in India: import cargo uncollected as economic activity grinds to a halt. And in Australia, local media reports suggest transport and logistics firms in the state of Victoria expect a storage shortage “within a month” as shops remain closed and goods go unsold.


why uTenant?

When I met Matt Sampson at a networking event and heard about uTenant and the comapanies vision, I knew what I had to do - Kyle Rogers An article from Kyle Rogers explaining why he decided to join the uTenant tribe