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HNY! What to expect from logistics in 2021 | uTenant

Without a doubt the role of technology in a post-pandemic (or let’s be honest, mid-pandemic) world is thriving. But technology systems now prioritise their purpose beyond stock, order and delivery, as we see more systems in place to manage risk, security, customer service and process automation.


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uT Mindset, Health & Wealth Part Eight - Have you heard about “epigenetics”?

We have all been told such misleading information about the influence of our DNA on our life. We assume the victim stance: ‘I’m preordained to be this way, my whole life is determined by my genes and I have no control over it whatsoever’. However, there is a field of study known as epigenetics, which refers to control above genetics...


uT Mindset, Health & Wealth Part Seven - The Present—A different type of gift that you can give yourself!

Being present is honestly the best ‘present’ that you can give yourself! The present moment is where the magic occurs—after all, it is all that we have in this life! Many of us focus on the past and future, but neither actually exist, they only exist in our memory and imagination—which is why it is crazy to think that we spend so much time getting caught up in both.