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Welcome To The New Supply Chain

FORBES: The global coronavirus pandemic has precipitated some drastic changes in society. Some of the pandemic-driven changes will be temporary, and people will in fact return to concerts, sporting events and churches. However, one aspect of the economy that will see a permanent shift is the supply chain.


uTenant aids emerging 3PL player into Sydney & Brisbane facilities

Geoff Crouch ATA President notes the DG sector had seen a recent uptick due to coronavirus (Covid-19) demand for sanitary items. He also hails the efforts of warehousing matchmaker uTenant in facilitating the moves. "We could not speak highly enough of uTenant and their service offering; a completely confidential and transparent process was undertaken, and the level of service and attentiveness to our needs was truly second to none," Crouch says of the Sydney & Brisbane move earlier in the year.


Media Release: uTenant turns warehouse leasing on its head

Disruption that brought lower costs, better competition and more choice to traditional industry sectors like taxis and transport, power and gas, and holiday rentals has arrived to Australia’s freight, logistics and warehousing industry with the recent launch of uTenant.